Dominant Impressions: Essays on the Canadian Short Story

Gerald Lynch, Angela Robbeson
University of Ottawa Press, 1999 - 168 pages
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Canadian critics and scholars, along with a growing number from around the world, have long recognized the achievements of Canadian short story writers. However, these critics have tended to view the Canadian short story as a historically recent phenomenon. This reappraisal corrects this mistaken view by exploring the literary and cultural antecedents of the Canadian short story.

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It Almost Always Starts This Way
Short Stories by Early Canadian Women
Symboliste Elements in the Early Short Stories of Gilbert Parker Charles G D Roberts and Duncan Campbell Scott
The Canadian Young Adult Short Story of the Nineteenth Century Comes of Age
Social ist Realism in Canadian Short Stories of the 1930s
The Cases of Morley Callaghan
Rediscovering the Popular Canadian Short Story
Romance and Reality in Margaret Laurences A Bird in the House
Sheila Watsons Short Fiction
Reading the Clues
Gender Reflections in the Short Stories of Alistair MacLeod and Timothy Findley
Postrealist Heroes in Canadian Short Fiction
The Canadian Short Story
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Gerald Lynch is Professor of English at the University of Ottawa. He has published numerous books and essays on Canadian literary subjects, including The One and the Many: English Canadian Short Story Cycles (UTP 2001).

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