Lavoisier and the Chemistry of Life: An Exploration of Scientific Creativity

Univ of Wisconsin Press, 1987 - 565 pages
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Antoine Lavoisier, the author of the "chemical revolution," also did much to estabish the foundations for the fields of organic chemistry and biochemistry.

Here, Frederic Lawrence Holmes gives us an intimate portrait of Lavoisier's investigations, ranging over twenty years, from 1773 to 1792, on respiration, fermentation, and plant and animal matter. These studies, Holmes finds, were not simply belated applications of Lavoisier's established chemical theories, but intimately bound from the beginning to his more widely known research on combustion and calcination.

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Table des matières

Lavoisier in Midstream
The Emergence of a Theory of Respiration
Respiration and a General Theory of Combustion
Collaboration and a Move toward Plant Chemistry
Heat Water and Respiration
Lavoisier in the Plant Kingdom
Natures Operations
Language Organic Composition and Fermentation
Plant and Animal Chemistry in the New Chemical System
The Animal Economy
Lavoisiers Return to Respiration
Dissonant Echoes
Reflections on the Creativity of One Scientist
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The Trouble with Sugar

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