Kino-eye: The Writings of Dziga Vertov

University of California Press, 1984 - 344 pages
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Dziga Vertov was one of the greatest innovators of Soviet cinema. The radical complexity of his work--in both sound and silent forms--has given it a central place within contemporary theoretical inquiry. Vertov's writings, collected here, range from calculated manifestos setting forth his heroic vision of film's potential to dark ruminations on the inactivity forced upon him by the bureaucratization of the Soviet state.

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Review: Kino-Eye

Avis d'utilisateur  - Emily Nine - Goodreads

His writing is so much like his films: robust, energetic, and optimistic. This was a man who truly wanted to push the boundaries of cinema. Love Vertov and this collection. Consulter l'avis complet

Review: Kino-Eye

Avis d'utilisateur  - Anna - Goodreads

I have read part as a reference for a paper but would like to read it again. Consulter l'avis complet

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Translators Acknowledgments
Variant of a Manifesto
On the Organization of a Film Experiment Station
On the Film Known as Kinoglaz
Artistic Drama and KinoEye
On The Eleventh Year
FromNotebooks Diaries
The Man with a Movie Camera A Visual Symphony
Sound March From Symphony of the Donbas
She and An Evening of Miniatures
Letter from a Woman Tractor Driver
A Minute of the World
Publishing History
Droits d'auteur

Draft of a Scenario Intended to Be Filmed During

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À propos de l'auteur (1984)

Dziga Vertov's films include the Kino-Eye and Kino-Pravda series, Man with a Movie Camera, and Enthusiasm.

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