Forward Soviet!: History and Non-Fiction Film in the USSR

I.B.Tauris, 15 avr. 1999 - 195 pages
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Forward Soviet! is the first comprehensive account of Soviet documentary output during the years between the "Great October Socialist Revolution" and the "Great Patriotic War." Drawing on previously closed State archives, Graeme Roberts re-views the great examples of Soviet and world non-fiction cinema and uncovers many fine and intriguing little-known films. He discusses the careers of men and women who made them, including Vertov, Shub, Medvedkin and Karmen and investigates the problems of analysis and context, while offering valuable insights into that context. Forward Soviet! is a powerful demonstration of how the history of Soviet non-fiction film can give insight into the agencies that shaped Soviet history and culture.

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Table des matières

Russian and Soviet Unplayed Film 18981922
Vertov and the CineEye
Esfir Shub and the Great Way Forward
Beyond the CineEye
The Impact of Sound and Documentalism
From Realism to Realpolitik
The Not So Strange Death of Soviet Documentary
By Way of Conclusion
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Graham Roberts is Lecturer in Communications Arts, University of Leeds.

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