Dickens's Dictionary of London (Livre numérique Google)

C. Dickens, 1882
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Page 285 - Such a society is no other than " a company of men having the form and seeking the power of godliness, united in order to pray together, to receive the word of exhortation, and to watch over one another in love, that they may help each other to work out their salvation.
Page 94 - Disallowing the utility of Creeds and Articles of Religion as a bond of union, and protesting against subscription to any human formularies, as a term of communion, Congregationalists are yet willing to declare, for general information, what is commonly believed among them, reserving to every one the most perfect liberty of conscience.
Page 285 - There is only one condition previously required of those who desire admission into these societies, "a desire to flee from the wrath to come, and to be saved from their sins.
Page 285 - By doing good, by being in every kind merciful after their power, as they have opportunity, doing good of every possible sort, and, as far as possible, to all men.
Page 37 - ... 2. In the case of joint accounts, the application must be signed by all the members of the account, directing the warrant to be sent to one of them at a given address. 3. Post dividend warrants will be crossed <$• Co.
Page 285 - It is expected of all who desire to continue in these societies that they should continue to evidence their desire of salvation : Thirdly, by attending upon all the ordinances of God. Such are the public worship of God ; the ministry of the Word, either read or expounded ; the Supper of the Lord ; .. family and private prayer; searching the Scriptures; and fasting, or abstinence.
Page 339 - COLDS, and prevents and quickly relieves or cures the worst form of TYPHUS, SCARLET, JUNGLE, and other FEVERS, PRICKLY HEAT, SMALL POX, MEASLES, ERUPTIVE or SKIN COMPLAINTS, and various other altered conditions of the Blood.
Page 285 - To see each person in his class once a week at least, in order to inquire how their souls prosper ; to advise, reprove, comfort, or exhort, as occasion may require; to receive what they are willing to give toward the relief of the poor.
Page 339 - DR. SPARKS (Government Medical Inspector of Emigrants from the Port of London) writes.-— "I have sreat pleasure in bearing my cordial testimony to its efficacy in the treatment of many of the ordinary and Chronic forms of Gastric complaints and other forms of Febrile Dyspepsia.
Page 252 - Charter in 1847 for the encouragement of the arts, manufactures, and commerce of the country, by bestowing rewards for such productions, inventions, or improvements as tend to the employment...

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