Amurath to Amurath

Gorgias Press LLC, 2002 - 370 pages
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Gertrude Bell began her extensive travels in the Near East in 1892. Due to her extensive knowledge of the area, she became a target for recruitment by British Intelligence. Later, she held the office of Oriental Secretary to the High Commissioner in Baghdad, and helped in creating the modern state of Iraq. Amurath to Amurath is an account of some of her travels in the Middle East

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Table des matières

Chapter 1 Aleppo to Tell Ahmar
Chapter 2 Tell Ahmar to Buseirah
Chapter 3 Buseirah to Hit
Chapter 4 Hit to Kerbela
Chapter 5 Kerbela to Baghdad
Chapter 6 Baghdad to Mosul
Chapter 7 Mosul to Zakho
Chapter 8 Zakho to Diyarbekr
Chapter 9 Diyarbekr to Konia
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