The Yezidis: A Study in Survival

KPI, 1987 - 299 pages
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JSTOR: The Yezidis: A Study in Survival
The Yezidis: A Study in Survival. By JOHN S. GUEST. London: KPI LTD., 1987. Distributed by ROUTLEDGE AND KEGAN PAUL, London, and METHUEN, INC., New York. ... sici?sici=0003-0279(198907%2F09)109%3A3%3C447%3ATYASIS%3E2.0.CO%3B2-G

The Yezidi Devil Worshippers of Iraq
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... The Yazidis; Gibb and Kramers, The Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam (Cornell University Press, 1974); John S. Guest, The Yezidis: A Study in Survival (KPI, ... 40articles/ yezidism.htm

Publikationen Kreyenbroek
js Guest, The Yezidis: a study in survival, Bibliotheca Orientalis XLVI 1/2, 1989, pp. 212-3. M. Alram, Nomina Propria Iranica in Nummis [= M. Mayrhofer ... Publ.PhK.2.html

Yezidis: Information and Much More from
Yezidis A dualistic religious group operating among the Kurds in northern Iraq and the neighboring lands of Syria, Turkey, and Iran topic/ yezidis - kurdistan kurds kurdish music mp3 midi kurdish ...
Yezidism. The followers of the Yezidi religion, who have variously referred to themselves also as the Yazidi, Yazdāni, Izadi, and Dasna'i, have often been ... history.asp?id=1034

The Impact of the Dissolution of the Soviet Union on the Kurds
[13] A survey of 19th-century Yezidi migration into Transcaucasia is given in John S. Guest, The Yezidis: a study in survival (London: KPI, 1987), 187-96. ... ~Martin.vanBruinessen/ personal/ publications/ Kurds_and_Soviet_Union.htm

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