Brooke's Notary

Sweet & Maxwell, 2002 - 670 pages
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Fully revised and updated, this well-established text aims to be the definitive text for notaries public. the 12th edition incorporates the changes to procedure produced by the Woolf reforms, along with other developments in qualification procedure since the last edition was published in 1992.

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Notarisation and Legalisation of Documents
According to Brooke's Notary,6 the essential requirements in cases involving authentication by .... NP Ready, Brooke's Notary (11th Ed, 1992) p 188. ... 2002-6/ June02-feature2.htm

Editor of Brooke's Notary In her foreword to the 12th edition of Brooke’s Notary (2002), the Master of the Faculties, The Right Worshipful Sheila Cameron QC ... page94/ page94.html

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