The customs' revenue laws and regulations (Livre numérique Google)

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Page 150 - to regulate the trade of the British possessions " abroad," it is, amongst other things, enacted, that no goods shall be imported into, nor shall any goods, except the produce of the fisheries in British ships, be exported from any of the British possessions in America by sea, or from or to any place other than the United Kingdom, or some other of such possessions, except into or from the several ports in such possessions called free ports...
Page 155 - Gibraltar ; goods the produce of places within the limits of the East India Company's Charter, which (having been imported...
Page 59 - Paper, viz. Brown Paper, made of old Rope or Cordage only, without separating or extracting the Pitch or Tar therefrom, and without any Mixture of other Materials therewith, the Ib.
Page 118 - Majesty shall judge capable of being converted into or made useful in increasing the quantity of military or naval stores...
Page 111 - Coals which shall have been screened through a Riddle or Screen, the Bars of which not being in any Part thereof more than Three eighth Parts of an Inch asunder...
Page 51 - Seignior in Asia or Africa, which may be imported from his dominions in Europe in ships of his dominions ; raw silk and mohair yarn, the produce of Asia, which may be imported from the dominions of the Grand Seignior in the Levant Seas, in ships of his dominions ; bullion.
Page 69 - ... upon any goods when imported in British ships, than when imported in the national ships of such country, or which shall levy higher or other tonnage, or port or other duties upon British ships than upon such national ships, or which shall not place the commerce or navigation of this kingdom upon the footing of the most favoured nation...
Page 151 - Country whatever, and that it is expedient that such permission should be subject to certain conditions," it is enacted, " that the privileges thereby granted to Foreign Ships shall be limited to the Ships of those Countries which, having Colonial Possessions, shall grant the like privileges of trading with those Possessions to British Ships, or which, not having Colonial Possessions, shall place the Commerce and Navigation of this Country, and of its Possessions abroad, upon the footing of the most...
Page 52 - That no goods shall be imported into any British possession in Asia, Africa, or America in any foreign ships, unless they be ships of the country of which the goods are the produce, and from which the goods are imported, t XII.
Page 152 - Train oil, blubber, fins, or skins, the produce of creatures living in the sea, Prohibited to be imported, except from the United Kingdom, or from some other British possession, or unless taken by British ships fitted out from the United Kingdom, or from some British possession, and brought in from the fishery, and except herrings from the Isle of Man, taken and cured by the inhabitants thereof.

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