560 Broadway: A New York Drawing Collection at Work, 1991-2006

Fifth Floor Foundation, 2008 - 200 pages

560 Broadway is the first book to explore one of this country's most remarkable private collections of modern and contemporary American drawings. Featuring such artists as Sol LeWitt, Mel Bochner, Jasper Johns, and Agnes Martin, the collection of Wynn Kramarsky has won high praise for its diversity, chronological sweep, and quality. Moreover, Kramarsky's exhibition space at 560 Broadway in New York City, in operation from 1991 to 2006, served as a pivotal meeting place for museum and gallery professionals, as well as emerging artists.

This handsome book traces the history of the collection and exhibition space, while providing a record of the museum exhibitions that borrowed from the collection, together with an illustrated list of artworks donated by Kramarsky to cultural institutions. Essays by directors of leading art museums--all collaborators with Kramarsky--consider the collection's contributions to the present and future of contemporary drawing.

"Nietzsche claimed that aesthetic pleasure can never be democratic, but as a collector and benefactor Wynn Kramarsky proves Nietzsche wrong. This book is a testament to Wynn's extraordinary generosity, based on his belief that pleasure must be shared."--Mel Bochner

À propos de l'auteur (2008)

Amy Eshoo was registrar of the Wynn Kramarsky collection from 1998 to 2003.

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