Ancient Chinese Inventions

China Intercontinental Press, 2005 - 134 pages
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Brilliant achievements of science and technology in ancient China : Land of inventions and discoveries ; Joseph Needham and the history of science and technology in ChinaThe four major inventions : Are the four major inventions the most important? ; Compass ; Gunpowder ; Paper ; PrintingOther major inventions (I) : Iron and steel smelting and ironware ; Copper smelting and bronze ware ; Extraction and application of petroleum ; Discovery and mining of coal ; Pottery and porcelain ; Wine and liquorSericulture ; Tea and tea cultureOther major inventions (II) : Star catalogue and star atlas ; Observation of solar and lunar eclipses ; Surveying of the meridian ; Zhang Heng and his seismograph ; Guo Shoujing and his Shoushi calendar ; The Decimal and Binary Systems ; Zu Chongzhi and pi ; Equal temperamentOther major inventions (III) : Traditional Chinese medicine ; Acupuncture ; Anesthetic ; Variolation ; The Great Wall ; Grand Canal of China ; Dujiangyan irrigation systemMiscellaneous smart inventions : Kite ; Abacus ; Weiqi ; Hot-air balloon ; Parachute ; Archery ; Match ; Chinese kung fu ; Football ; GolfClassical works of science : Kao gong ji ; Huangdi nei jing ; Shanghan zabing lun ; Qi min yao shu ; Mengxi bitan ; Yingzao fashi ; Wang Zhen nong shu ; Bencao gangmu ; Tiangong kaiwu ; Nong zheng quanshu.

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