Artificial Intelligence: A Leader's Guide to Building the Future

JAINUS LLC, 7 sept. 2018
Our future is being transformed by accelerated technological advances that will have tremendous impact on our lives, our businesses, and our future. Breakthroughs are already happening across many industries. We must work together to guide the outcome with new innovative ideas and business models to shape our society and our future. This transformation is mostly driven by Artificial Intelligence. This book talks to decision makers and managers in layman's terms about the complicated subject of AI and specifically how you can identify and apply AI to your company or process. This is the only book on AI that is not filled with complex algorithms and formulas; you don't need a data science degree to read our book. Our book is the first of its kind written for managers and decision makers that know AI exists, but want to learn more about how it can be applied in their company, to know how to proceed with an AI initiative, and how to successfully deploy AI in simple steps.

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