Attitudes Toward Rape: Feminist and Social Psychological Perspectives

SAGE, 22 juin 1995 - 240 pages
This innovative book looks at popular perceptions of sexual violence and asks such key questions as: How is rape' defined? Who is responsible for sexual assault? How can rape be prevented?

The author critically examines feminist and psychological theory and research on attitudes towards rape. Drawing on case studies, survey research, experiments, fieldwork and action-oriented research from Europe, North America and Asia, Ward combines qualitative and quantitative approaches to understanding sexual violence. She highlights the negative consequences for rape victims of biased and prejudicial perceptions of sexual violence, including those of legal, medical and helping professionals, and discusses the impact of these attitudes on victims' self-perceptions.

The book concludes by suggesting strategies for changing ideas about sexual assault, including, for example, action-oriented research which is designed to raise consciousness and improve services for victims.


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A Circle in the Making
Feminist Visions
Survey Research
Experimental Research
Field Research
Theory and Research
A Circle in the Breaking
Feminist ActionOriented Research
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Page 4 - Women who say no do not always mean no. It is not just a question of saying no, it is a question of how she says it, how she shows and makes it clear. If she doesn't want it she only has to keep her legs shut and she would not get it without force and there would be marks of force being used.
Page 3 - I keep wondering maybe if I had done something different when I first saw him that it wouldn't have happened — neither he nor I would be in trouble. Maybe it was my fault. See, that's where I get when I think about it. My father always said whatever a man did to a woman, she provoked it.
Page 205 - Abbey, A. (1987). Perceptions of personal avoidability versus responsibility: How do they differ?

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