Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion

Richard D. Lane, Lynn Nadel
Oxford University Press, 2000 - 431 pages
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This book, a member of the Series in Affective Science, is a unique interdisciplinary sequence of articles on the cognitive neuroscience of emotion by some of the most well-known researchers in the area. It explores what is known about cognitive processes in emotion at the same time it reviewsthe processes and anatomical structures involved in emotion, determining whether there is something about emotion and its neural substrates that requires they be studied as a separate domain. Divided into four major focal points and presenting research that has been performed in the last decade,this book covers the process of emotion generation, the functions of amygdala, the conscious experience of emotion, and emotion regulation and dysregulation. Collectively, the chapters constitute a broad but selective survey of current knowledge about emotion and the brain, and they all address theclose association between cognitive and emotional processes. By bringing together diverse strands of investigation with the aim of documenting current understanding of how emotion is instantiated in the brain, this book will be of use to scientists, researchers, and advanced students of psychologyand neuroscience.

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The Study of Emotion from the Perspective of Cognitive Neuroscience
A Second Chance for Emotion
Cognition in Emotion Always Sometimes or Never?
Facial Expression Emotion and Hemispheric Organization
Recognizing Emotions by Ear and by Eye
The Enigma of the Amygdala On Its Contribution to Human Emotion
CognitiveEmotional Interactions Listen to the Brain
The Role of the Amygdala in Primate Social Cognition
Measuring Emotion Behavior Feeling and Physiology
Blindsight Implications for the Conscious Experience of Emotion
Unconscious Emotion Evolutionary Perspectives Psychophysiological Data and Neuropsychological Mechanisms
Emotional Experience A Neurological Model
Neural Correlates of Conscious Emotional Experience
The Functional Neuroanatomy of Affective Style
Positron Emission Tomography in the Study of Emotion Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders
The Future of Emotion Research from the Perspective of Cognitive Neuroscience

Electrodermal Activity in Cognitive Neuroscience Neuroanatomical and Neuropsychological Correlates
The Functional Aiatomy of Innate and Acquired Fear Perspectives from Neuroimaging
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Page 366 - Olatawura, MO (1998). Sex differences in the prevalence and detection of depressive and anxiety disorders in general health care settings: Report from the World Health Organization collaborative study on psychological problems in general health care.

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Richard D. Lane and Lynn Nadel are both at University of Arizona.

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