Conversations with Eritrean Political Prisoners

The Red Sea Press, 2005 - 212 pages
In 2001, after a devastating war with Ethiopia, a,huge debate erupted within Eritrea regarding,government policy. This book revisits that debate,through interviews with five critics - top,government officials and former liberation,movement leaders - shortly before they disappeared,into the Eritrean gulag. As these conversations,reveal, the speakers knew what was in store for,them - arrest and indefinite detention. This book,not only opens a critical window into that seminal,moment, it also signals the persistent dream of a,democratic future yet to be fulfilled.

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Chronology of the Crackdown
Haile Woldensae March 1 2001
Ogbe Abraha August 2 2001
Petros Solomon August 23 2001
The Origins of the Peoples Party its Role
in the Liberation of Eritrea by Dan Connell September 2001
PFDJ Secretary Highlights Defeatist Stand of a Few Central
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