Cultural Intelligence: Living and Working Globally

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 17 août 2009 - 240 pages
In today’s global economy, the ability to interact effectively across cultures is a fundamental job requirement for just about everyone. But it’s impossible to learn the customs and traits of every single culture with which you might come into contact. Cultural Intelligence teaches a universal set of techniques and people skills that will allow you to adapt quickly to, and thrive in, any cultural environment. This extensively revised second edition features new real-life examples of CQ working well, drawn from a rich range of cultures and situations. The authors also address the interplay of race and gender with culture factors, and show how developing cultural intelligence can enhance our appreciation of cultural diversity. Cultural Intelligence teaches you to disable the “cultural cruise control” that makes you unaware of how your culture affects your perceptions, and learn to pay careful attention, in a mindful and creative way, to cues in cross-cultural situations. Over time, you’ll develop a repertoire of skills appropriate to different intercultural situations.

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CHAPTER 1Living and Working in the Global Village
CHAPTER 2Cultural Knowledge
CHAPTER 3Mindfulness and CrossCultural Skills
CHAPTER 4Making Decisions across Cultures
CHAPTER 5Communicating Negotiating and Resolving Conflicts across Cultures
CHAPTER 6Motivating and Leading across Cultures
CONCLUSIONThe Essentials of Cultural Intelligence
APPENDIX 1Twenty Statements Test1
APPENDIX 2Where to GetCountry Information
About the Authors
About BerrettKoehler Publishers

CHAPTER 7Working with Multicultural Groups and Teams
CHAPTER 8Developing Cultural Intelligence in a Global World
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David C. Thomas is professor of international management and director of the Centre for Global Workforce Strategy at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

Kerr Inkson is an adjunct professor at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, and an honorary professor at Excelerator: New Zealand Leadership Institute at the University of Auckland.

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