Enigma: A Veteran's Quest for Truth

Xlibris, 2013 - 184 pages
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Enigma: A Veteran's Quest for Truth is a memoir of the author's experiences as he was impinged by the activities of the United States military. The experiences noted span the eighty year time period of the author's life. This period covers World War II, the Korean Conflict, The Berlin Crisis, Vietnam, and the military altercations in the Middle East during the last ten years. The loss of three cousins during the bombing of Pearl Harbor resulted in the binding of my family into a unity of purpose. Defeat the axis powers! That bombing also unified the people of the United States and their allies into a cohesive unit with the same purpose. Defeat the axis powers! Patriotism resulted in the author voluntarily joining the National Guards when he became old enough to do so. This resulted in his being placed on active duty during the Berlin Crisis. What followed became a mystery that took fifty years to unravel. Because other veterans were caught in the same conundrum, the author's experiences unlikely will have applicability to many veterans in addition the author.

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