Fascisme français: passé et présent

Flammarion, 1987 - 463 pages
Examines pre-fascist ideologies of the end of the 19th century in France, and fascism and neo-fascism from the 1920s to the present. Analyzes movements such as the Action Française and PPF (Parti Populaire Français) and their leaders, and many other small groups and publications with fascist orientations. States that the term "fascist" was often abused in discussions regarding certain political movements, and discusses whether those movements were indeed fascist. Describes the evolution of the Vichy regime, claiming that it was a fascist regime from 1943 on. Discusses neo-Nazi and fascist groups active since World War II, and also the Front National (including Le Pen's antisemitism, never openly declared), concluding that this party is not fascist. Contends that fascism, in general, also has French roots but was not born in France, taking issue with the view expressed by Zeev Sternhell in his works.

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