GB/T 21622-2008 Translated English of Chinese Standard (GB/T 21622-2008, GBT21622-2008): Dangerous goods -- Test method for corrosion to metals

Couverture, 18 mars 2023 - 7 pages
This Standard specifies the equipment, operating procedure and evaluation of results of the sustained combustibility test for dangerous flammable liquids. This Standard applies to dangerous liquids whose flash point is not higher than 60.5 ¡ãC in the closed cup test or not higher than 65.5 ¡ãC in the open cup test. This Standard also applies to liquids submitted for transport in the condition where the temperature is equal to or higher than their flash point AND substances ¨C transported or submitted for transport in a liquid state ¨C which emit flammable vapors at a temperature equal to or lower than the maximum transport temperature. 2 Method principle 2.1 Heat the sample tank to the specified temperature; put a specified amount of test substance into the sample tank; apply a standard flame under the specified conditions; then, remove it; observe whether there is sustained combustibility for the test substance. 2.2 Sustained combustibility: If any of the following conditions occurs in any one of the two heating times or at one of the two heating temperatures, it shall be considered as sustained combustibility: a) When the test flame is in the ¡°off¡± position, the sample is ignited and continues to burn;

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