Glenny's Golden rules for gardeners


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Page 36 - ... flower garden. it at once in a shallow pan of good, rich, light soil, covering it very lightly (for the seed is small), and place it in a frame on the green-house shelf, or in a sunny window. Water moderately and gently, and in a week the plants will begin to come up. Grow them in full light; and, as soon as they are large enough to handle, prick them out into a cold frame or into larger pans. When they have gained strength, they may be again transplanted to the garden bed; but it is best to...
Page 11 - Cover all seeds with at least their own thickness of soil ; but as some of it gets washed off you must allow for it.
Page 55 - As soon as they indicata growth again by the buds swelling, spur the plants ; make allowance for the growth of new wood, and prune the plant, so that it will grow to a good shape. If placed in the open air as soon as the weather will permit, the plants grow all the stronger for it...
Page 18 - In your evenings, read well-authenticated works on science; but gardening in particular. You will constantly learn something. If you have reason to believe you have raised something new and good, get some disinterested sound opinion as soon as you can. We are all too partial to our own works to see the bad points. Study well the " Properties of Flowers and Plants," and act upon them in all your judgments, whether passed upon your own or other peoplu's subjects.

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