Guerrilla Warfare Advocates in the United States: Report ... (including Index) May 6, 1968


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Page 5 - It is not necessary to wait until all conditions for making revolution exist; the insurrection can create them.
Page 29 - And in that process of smashing this state we're going to have to kill a lot of these cops, a lot of these judges, and we'll have to go up against their army. We'll organize our own militia and our own army.
Page 60 - Where a government has come into power through some form of popular vote, fraudulent or not, and maintains at least an appearance of constitutional legality, the guerrilla outbreak cannot be promoted, since the possibilities of peaceful struggle have not yet been exhausted.
Page 21 - The weapons of defense employed by Afroamerican freedom fighters must consist of a poor man's arsenal. Gasoline fire bombs (Molotov cocktails), lye or acid bombs (made by injecting lye or acid in the metal end of light bulbs) can be used extensively.
Page 20 - The new concept of revolution defies military science and tactics. The new concept is lightning campaigns conducted in highly sensitive urban communities, with the paralysis reaching the small communities and spreading to the farm areas. The old method of guerrilla warfare, as carried out from the hills and countryside, would be ineffective in a powerful country like the USA Any such force would be wiped out in an hour. The new concept is to huddle as close to the enemy as possible so as to neutralize...
Page 20 - When massive violence comes, the USA will become a bedlam of confusion and chaos. The factory workers will be afraid to venture out on the streets to report to their jobs. The telephone workers and radio workers will be afraid to report.
Page 35 - Communistaction organization, and (B) is primarily operated for the purpose of giving aid and support to a Communist-action organization, a Communist foreign government. or the world Communist movement referred to in section 2 of this title. (5) The term "Communist organization" means a Communistaction organization or a Communist-front organization.

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