Healing Your Lost Inner Child: How to Stop Impulsive Reactions, Set Healthy Boundaries and Embrace an Authentic Life

Practical Wisdom Press, 2020 - 282 pages

Most people don't realize how much unresolved emotional pain they carry around. They don't know why they always feel depressed, anxious, victimized, or disappointed. They wonder why they keep making the same self-sabotaging impulsive decisions.

These patterns often stem from their lost inner child, which carries a false narrative that has been on repeat since childhood. The hurt emotions resulting from childhood experiences of abuse, neglect, or trauma show up in adulthood as explosive anger, isolation, bad relationship choices, negative self-talk, feelings of being overwhelmed, being a people pleaser, and keeping others at arm's length.

In Healing Your Lost Inner Child, Psychotherapist and Reiki master Robert Jackman takes you on a personal journey to explore unresolved wounds from your early life using the HEAL process for healing and embracing an authentic life. Through stories and exercises, this easy-to-read book will encourage you to learn how to stop giving in to your wounded inner child's emotional pain frozen inside a snow globe within you. Each chapter gently takes you closer to this original wounding so you can acknowledge and finally heal your pain. Move from being an impulsive reactor to an authentic, conscious creator in your life.

The Healing Your Lost Inner Child Companion Workbook is also available to help you develop a deeper understanding of your relationships, codependency patterns and triggers, and create a self-nurturing plan.

For more information about the author and other works please visit: www.theartofpracticalwisdom.com.

À propos de l'auteur (2020)

Robert Jackman is a board certified Psychotherapist with the National Board of Certified Counselors who has helped a many people on their healing path for more than twenty years. In addition to his private practice, he has taught master's level classes at National Louis University in the Chicago area, led outpatient groups in hospitals, given lectures on mindfulness, hypnotherapy, codependency, and the role of spirituality in healing, and participated in numerous weekend retreats with Victories for Men. Robert is also a Reiki master who uses energy psychology in his practice and considers himself a codependent in recovery, always working on boundary setting, discernment and connecting with his authentic self. He lives in the far west suburbs of Chicago and in Oregon with his family. He enjoys photography, kayaking, gardening, and nurturing and delighting his inner child. For more information about Robert Jackman, his other works, upcoming events and the Healing Your Lost Inner Child book and companion workbook, please visit www.theartofpracticalwisdom.com.

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