Heroin's Harbour

Lulu.com, 7 nov. 2019 - 184 pages
In this gripping collection, Heroin's Harbour, Goldfinger offers us an intimate look at the world of drug addiction, as the "body, soul, and mind [are] interlocked in heroin hypnosis." Told in three parts, as the protagonist descends into the deeper grip of addiction, he wonders "what decision was it...that made it too late to turn back." The euphoria of the high is followed by a cascade of loss, betrayal, jail, armed robbery, near death experiences, broken relationships, terrifying bouts of withdrawal, arrest warrants, drug dealing, and death of loved ones. Even when he vows to quit, he is haunted by his addiction as he describes "the junk called to me and it knew my name" and falls back into the "dance with the poison dust of incoherent dreams." As the drugs, like reptiles, slither into the corners of his mind, he knows that even after years of being clean, he will never be totally free.

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