Interactive Cyber Security Awareness Program

Lap Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH KG, 2012 - 184 pages
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ICSAP - Interactive Cyber Security Awareness Program is a set of educational tools and a practical syllabus to support information security awareness using the obedient approach and to help in the development of information that can raise awareness of the importance of information security. The syllabus is organized into a systematic approach of three important groups: 1. The introduction is "Basic," which aims at delivering to everyone an elementary curriculum course for physical security, computer and mobile security and network and Internet security. 2. The "Advance" program primarily demonstrates the attacking phases, different attacking methods, followed by countermeasures that show the anatomy of Advance Persistence Threats. And it is intended for administrators, help desk personnel, information technology professionals and so forth. 3. The last course "Management," illustrates two decision making processes with their cycle loop. We believe that importance of interactive cyber security program could be implemented effectively in private, public organizations, military, nations, schools and campuses, without a significant degradation in performance.

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