Investing in Corporate Social Responsibility: A Guide to Best Practice, Business Planning & the UK's Leading Companies

Kogan Page Publishers, 2004 - 359 pages
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The rapid growth of ethical investment funds reflects a growing desire for investors to back socially responsible companies. And there are other sound reasons why companies that are seen to be ethical, environmentally friendly, good employers etc, can see real benefits to their bottom line.

Recent revisions to stock market rules have made ethical funds available to a much wider group of advisors and investors. This important book explains the issues and the benefits of corporate social responsibility in the context of an analysis of the 300 quoted UK companies currently listed on the prestigious FTSE4Good index.

Part One covers recent corporate ethics issues and the damage that revelations of dishonesty and unethical practice can do to stock markets. It explains how businesses can avoid these problems and why it is good to do so. The criteria whereby companies are seen to be 'socially responsible' and the growing importance of SR to investors and other stakeholders are addressed. The performance of the FTSE4Good index is studied, and there is analysis of how the sector compares to the general market.

Part Two contains a full directory of the 300 companies listed on the FTSE4Good index, and tables showing how companies fit the criteria. This is followed by individual company profiles and company case studies including: Centrica, EMI, Friends Provident, Whitbread, National Express and National Grid.


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Corporate social responsibility bottomline issue
Corporate citizenship as part of the business model
Legislation litigation activism and threats
Measuring corporate social responsibility
What makes a multinational company a global citizen?
Corporate social responsibility the investors perspective
Managing the interests of stakeholders an investor
Mutual benefit and responsible business practice
Waste management and recycling
Environmental risk management
Corporate social responsibility as part of the business
1R professionals 185 Conclusion
rating and comparing social
A selection of profiles of contributing organizations
Human rights in the global workplace The UN Human

Corporate governance best practice
Human rights in the global marketplace
Why are pharmaceutical and chemical companies at risk? 131 Why

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Contents: Part One: Something had to hit the fan!; Legislation; How companies are screened and judged; Understanding all about the ethical business; How to become a more sustainable business; Specific challenges for multi-national companies; Human rights in the global workplace; Corporate governance best practice; Managing responsibility; Challenges for a controversial sector; The profits of ethical corporate behaviour and how companies that practice CSR perform within their sector; A pattern for the future.

Part Two: An introduction to the FTSE4Good Index; Directory of FTSE4Good 300 companies; Tables and data on how companies fit the criteria and their performance; Company profiles; Case Studies

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