It Can Happen Here: Authoritarian Peril in the Age of Bush

Macmillan, 20 févr. 2007 - 238 pages
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"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross."
---Sinclair Lewis, author of It Can't Happen Here, 1935

For the first time since the Nixon era, Americans have reason to doubt the future---or even the presence---of democracy. We live in a society where government conspires with big business and big evangelism; where ideologues and religious zealots attack logic and the scientific method; and where the ruling party encourages xenophobic nationalism based on irrational, manufactured fear. The party in power seems to seek a perpetual state of war to hold on to power, and they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their ends. The question must be asked: Are we headed toward the end of American democracy?
Nobel Prize--winning author Sinclair Lewis depicted authoritarianism American-style in his sardonically titled dystopian novel It Can't Happen Here, published in 1935. Now, bestselling political journalist Joe Conason argues that it can happen here--and a select group of extremely powerful right-wing ideologues are driving us ever closer to the precipice.
In this compelling, impassioned, yet rational and fact-based look at the state of the nation, Conason shows how and why America has been wrenched away from its founding principles and is being dragged toward authoritarianism. Praise for the books of Joe Conason: "A comprehensive, well-researched indictment of a bunch of nasty people who really deserve it."
---Molly Ivins on Big Lies

"When Joe casts his eye on the cadres of the right, they invariably emerge battered, with their arguments filleted, their sources of money exposed, and their real motives laid bare."
--Michael Tomasky, former editor, The American Prospect, on The Raw Deal
"A hundred years from now the primary source on the so-called Clinton scandals will still be The Hunting of the President by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons."
---James Carville on The Hunting of the President

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1 The Post911 Worldview of Karl Rove
2 Lawlessness and Order
3 State Secrets and Unofficial Propaganda
4 The Corporate State of Grace
5 The Revenge of Nixons Heirs
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Joe Conason writes for and has written a popular political column for The New York Observer since 1992. He is the author of Big Lies, The Raw Deal, and, with Gene Lyons, The Hunting of the President. His writing has appeared in The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Nation, and many other publications. He is a regular commentator on Air America Radio.

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