Joyful Cruelty: Toward a Philosophy of the Real

Oxford University Press, 1993 - 117 pages
This book combines two shorter works by Rosset, Le Principe de Cruaute and La Force Majeure, dating respectively from 1983 and 1988. The two works provide essential and highly topical illustrations of Rosset's central thesis of acceptance of the real. Rosset formulates a philosophical practice
that refuses to turn away from the world and thus accepts a confrontation with reality (termed the real) whose immediacy comprises equal parts of violence and of joy, or approbation of the real. Beginning with this notion of joy, Rosset offers a reinterpretation of Nietzsche that, rather than
treating the philosopher as a nihilist, underscores his quest for experience without illusion.

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The Overwhelming Force
Notes on Nietzsche
The Cruelty Principle
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