Minimalism Beyond the Nurnberg Funnel

MIT Press, 1998 - 416 pages
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Minimalism is an action- and task-oriented approach to instruction and documentation that emphasizes the importance of realistic activities and experiences for effective learning and information seeking. Since 1990, when the approach was defined in John Carroll's The Nurnberg Funnel, much work has been done to apply, refine, and broaden the minimalist approach to technical communication. This volume presents fourteen major contributions to the current theory and practice of minimalism.

Contributors evaluate the development of minimalism up to now, analyze the acceptance of minimalism by the mainstream technical communications community, report on specific innovations and investigations, and discuss future challenges and directions. The book also includes an appendix containing a bibliography of published research and development work on minimalism since 1990.

Contributors: Tricia Anson, R. John Brockmann, John M. Carroll, Steve Draper, David K. Farkas, JoAnn T. Hackos, Robert R. Johnson, Greg Kearsley, Barbara Mirel, Janice (Ginny) Redish, Stephanie Rosenbaum, Karl L. Smart, Hans van der Meij.

Published in association with the Society for Technical Communication


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Table des matières

Principles and Heuristics for Designing Minimalist Instruction
Ten Misconceptions about Minimalism
A View from the Practitioners
How Are Technical
Details of Course Topics
Minimalism for Complex Tasks
Some Issues
Layering as a Safety Net for Minimalist Documentation
A Quality Strategy for Success
Constructing a Rhetorical Theory
Practical Problems and Proposed Solutions in Designing Action
A Case of Information Transfer in Technical
An Agenda for Research and Practice
Reviews General Discussions and Applications
Droits d'auteur

Optimizing the Joint Handling of Manual and Screen

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JOHN M. CARROLL, Ph.D., is Chair of the Computer Science Department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Prior to coming to Virginia Tech, he was program manager at the IBM User-Interface Institute. He is the author of hundreds of technical papers and numerous books in the area of human-computer interaction, including The Nurnberg Funnel: Designing Minimalist Instruction for Practical Computer Skill and Designing Interaction: Psychology at the Human-Computer Interface.

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