Money, Markets, and the State: Social Democratic Economic Policies Since 1918

Cambridge University Press, 18 janv. 2007 - 324 pages
Money, Markets, and the State provides in-depth explanations behind the various successes and failures of the economic policies of social democratic governments in five Western European countries: Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. Dr. Notermans examines these economic systems from the inflation of the early twenties, through the Great Depression of the thirties, and then continues his analysis up to present-day mass unemployment. Drawing on a wide range of historical and statistical sources, Dr. Notermans argues that the fate of social democratic economic policy hinges critically on the political and institutional success of maintaining price stability.

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2 Politics Economics and Political Economy
3 Why Was There No Social Democratic Breakthrough in the Twenties?
4 The Creation of the Social Democratic Consensus
5 The Breakdown of the Social Democratic Consensus
6 Social Democracy in the Twentyfirst Century

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