Paleopathology at the Origins of Agriculture

An introduction to the symposium. Indications of stress from bone and teeth. Health as a crucial factor in the changes from hunting to developed farming in the Eastern Mediterranean. Socioeconomic change and patterns of pathology and variation in the mesolithic and neolithic of Western Europe: some suggestions. Archaeological and skeletal evidence for dietary change during the late pleistocene. Skeletal pathology from the paleolithic through the metal ages in Iran and Iraq. Growth, nutrition, and pathology in changing paleodemographic settings in South Asia. The effects of socioeconomic change in prehistoric Africa: Sudanese Nubia as a case study. The lower Illinois river region: a prehistoric context for the study of ancient diet and health. Subsistance and health in the lower Illinois valley: osteological evidence. Health changes at dickson mounds, Illinois (A.D.950-1300). Skeletal evidence for prehistoric subsistence adaptation in the central Ohio river valley. Prehistoric health in the Ohio river valley. Health and disease in prehistoric Georgia: the transition to agriculture. Paleopathology and the origins of maize agriculture in the lower Mississipi valley and caddoan culture areas. Agriculture, marginal environments, and nutritional stress in the prehistoric Southwest. Central California: prehistoric subsistence changes and health. Prehistoric subsistence and health status of coastral peoples from the panamanian isthmus of lower Central America. Prehistoric human biology of Equador: possible temporal trends and cultural correlations. Paleopathology in peruvian and chilean populations. The challenges and rewards of sedentism: the preceramic village of Paloma, Peru. Population, health and the evolution of subsistence: conclusions from the conference. Paleopathology at the origins of agriculture: editors' summation.

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