Public Relations

University of Oklahoma Press, 29 juil. 2013 - 388 pages
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Public relations as described in this volume is, among other things, society’s solution to problems of maladjustment that plague an overcomplex world. All of us, individuals or organizations, depend for survival and growth on adjustment to our publics.

Publicist Edward L. Bernays offers here the kind of advice individuals and a variety of organizations sought from him on a professional basis during more than four decades. With such knowledge, every intelligent person can carry on his or her activities more effectively.

This book provides know-why as well know-how. Bernays explains the underlying philosophy of public relations and the PR methods and practices to be applied in specific cases. He presents broad approaches and solutions as they were successfully carried out in his long professional career. Public relations is not publicity, press agentry, promotion, advertising, or a bag of tricks, but a continuing process of social integration. It is a field of adjusting private and public interest.

Everyone engaged in any public activity, and every student of human behavior and society, will find in this book a challenge and opportunity to further both the public interest and their own interest.


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Public Relations Comes of Age 192941
The Era of Integration 194151
Extent of Todays Public Relations
Achieving Goals Through the Education of the Public
A Typical Survey FindingAmerica Looks at Nursing
Salesmanship and the Public Relations ApproachHidden
A Challenge to Research in Humanics
Attitude PollsServants or Masters?
Public Relations for Higher Education
The Importance of Public Opinion in Economic Mobilization
An Educational Program for Unions
Selected List of Readings in Public Relations
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Edward L. Bernays (1892–1995) helped found the profession of counsel on public relations. From 1919, in partnership with his wife, Doris E. Fleischman, he advised a Who’s Who of industry, profit and nonprofit organizations, and government. A graduate of Cornell University, Bernays was Professor of Public Relations at New York University and the University of Hawaii.

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