Racism and Xenophobia in European Football

Udo Merkel, Walter Tokarski
Meyer & Meyer, 1996 - 189 pages
The papers in this volume summarize the results of a research project fundedy the EU focussing on racism(s), xenophobia and anti-Semitism in Europeanootball and their implications on European integration.;In the first part ofhe book, conceptual and historical considerations are given. The secondection includes case studies in six European countries. Each chapter isritten with a comparative perspective focussing not only on the specificituation in the country covered but also on policy initiatives to combatacism(s), xenophobia and anti-Semitism.;The book is part of the "Sport,eisure and Physical Education Trends and Development" series.

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A Conceptual Analysis
Case Studies on Football Racism
The Status of Foreigners in Amateur Football
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