Resolve: A New Model of Therapy

Crown House Pub., 2002 - 215 pages
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In his groundbreaking new book, Richard Bolstad's R.E.S.O.L.V.E. framework shows how to integrate the effective brief therapy of NLP into the personal encounter of psychotherapy. In this way, techniques are used that access the deeper structure of the brain for fast, permanent change. RESOLVE demonstrates how to:
-- identify which techniques work with which clients
-- create a relationship that empowers rather than merely conveys understanding
-- give clients the more basic changes in life-approach that make therapeutic change last
-- access people's own inner skills, strategies and strengths so that change is faster and makes sense to them
-- ensure that change is occurring in the deeper brain structures where older patterns of behavior were first laid down
-- recognize which stage in the therapeutic process you are at, and respond most effectively for that stage

The author gives examples from his work with PTSD in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and with addictions, depression, anxiety conditions, personality disorders and psychoses in clinical practice in New Zealand and elsewhere. His framework is clear, easy to follow, and can be used by anyone wanting to help others, or themselves, make fundamental life changes quickly and comfortably.

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À propos de l'auteur (2002)

Dr. Bolstad is a certified trainer with the International NLP Associatio. He has a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy and is a member of the New Zealand Assoc. of Psychotherapists. He has taught the RESOLVE model to psychotherapists and couselors around the world.

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