Satanic Ritual Abuse: Principles of Treatment

University of Toronto Press, 1995 - 228 pages

In recent years the subject of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) has incited widespread controversy focused primarily on whether or not such abuse actually occurs. Much like child sexual abuse, SRA was initially dismissed as an isolated or even imaginary phenomenon. Although there is increasing evidence that ritual abuse does take place, clinicians working with individual patients cannot be sure whether they are dealing with fact or fantasy. Dr Colin Ross, an expert in the treatment of dissociative disorders, has encountered more than three hundred patients with memories of alleged satanic ritual abuse. In this book, he provides a well-documented discussion of the psychological, social, and historical aspects of SRA and presents principles and techniques for its clinical treatment.

Although Dr Ross has found no evidence of a widespread Satanic network he is open to the possibility that a certain percentage of his patients' memories may be entirely or partially historically accurate. In treatment, he recommends that the therapist adopt an attitude hovering between disbelief and credulous entrapment.

Dr Ross has encountered memories of SRA primarily among people who suffer from multiple personality disorders, and the principles of treatment he outlines here focus on such individuals. Treatment is described in terms of both general principles and specific techniques, with case examples. Ross's recommendation that the same interventions be used regardless of the percentage of memories that are historically accurate bridges the gap between those who adopt a `believer' stance and those who take a false-memory stance.

This is the most detailed and comprehensive account of SRA from a clinical perspective available to date. As reports of SRA continue to escalate, it will be a valuable resource for all practicing therapists and psychiatrists.


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Secret Societies throughout History
The Psychology and History of Satan
The Malleus Maleficarum and the Catholic Inquisition
NonSatanic Cult Activity in North America
Five Levels of Satanism
Satanism and Multiple Personality Disorder
Alternative Hypotheses of Ritual Abuse
How to Recognize Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors
General Principles of Survivor Therapy
Treatment Techniques for Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors
Extremes of Skepticism and Denial
Future Directions
Afterword by Elizabeth F Loftus PhD University of Washington
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Page 211 - J. (1993) Dissociative processes: Theoretical underpinnings of a working model for clinician and patient. Bulletin of Menninger Clinic, 57(3), 287-308.

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Colin Ross is Director of the Dissociative Disorders Unit at the Charter Behavioral Health System of Dallas and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. He is author of The Osiris Complex: Case Studies in Multiple Personality Disorder.

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