Saved by the Spirit of Lafayette: The French Righteous and the Hidden Children

Nelson Publishing&Marketing, 2008 - 150 pages
At the start of World War II, Gisele Naichouler Feldman was separated from her family. Although this was not the first time, this separation would prove to be life saving. Through the help of many people, now known as the Righteous, Gisele would find herself at the steps of a great castle once owned by French freedom fighter, General Lafayette, as a Hidden Child. Instructed to forget her Jewish heritage and pretend to be Catholic, Gisele would spend two and a half years within the castle walls hidden from the outside terrors that the Nazi's inflicted upon Europe. Saved by the Spirit of Lafayette tells of many Hidden Children accounts and takes the opportunity to thank all of those who earned the right to be called the Righteous. Book jacket.

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The Hidden Children
The Righteous of France
Pensées Thoughts
In the Footsteps of Lafayette Le Mont Mouchet
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