Soul Retrieval

Trafford Publishing, 26 juil. 2006
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With clients in 25 States and in Australia, Canada (British Columbia, Ontario and Vancouver), El Salvador, England, Germany, India, Ireland, Singapore, Trinidad/Tobago (West Indies) author Joanna Neff does higher-dimensional soul retrieval and soul clearance sessions from her home in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Soul Retrieval: Return to Wholeness provides the context, gathered from a decade of channeled sessions, for why and how this energetic approach to soul retrieval works. The book also offers a glimpse of the author's own soul retrieval process (including past-life merging), excerpts from private and public sessions, and actual exercises from soul retrieval workshops. Why Must Soul Retrieval Be Done? During profound stress, pain or other trauma, human beings often experience what is called soul loss, meaning, the loss of aspects of one's soul. Such events as loss of a loved one, automobile accident, surgery, addiction, combat trauma, abortion or miscarriage, and physical abuse are the prime causes. When a soul is fragmented one may no longer remember the details of the traumatic incidents that caused the fragmentation. The lost soul aspect has taken those memories with it. When a soul part leaves, it may also take with it a measure of one's vitality. The more severe the trauma, the more life force is depleted. People who have lost soul aspects may suffer chronic illnesses in childhood as a result of this reduced life force. One example of soul fragmenting occurs because of childhood sexual abuse. Here, parts of the soul literally leave because the event is too painful. If the soul fragmentation is severe enough, such illnesses as schizophrenia may occur. Because the integrity of the parts to the whole is broken down, recovery is seen as an impossibility. Further, the will may become vulnerable to negative entity attachment. Having fragments remain unincorporated between lifetimes affects karma because issues encapsulated in the consciousness of those fragments remain unresolved. In addition, if we remain unconscious of our other multi-incarnational lives, we bring them with us to our next incarnation, hopefully to awaken us to the reality that they're out there. Shamanic Soul Retrieval Soul fragments rarely can return without assistance. Virtually without exception, however, when one does an internet search on soul retrieval, page after page comes up listing shamanic soul retrieval as the available option. A time-honored, and proven, method, shamanic soul retrieval has benefited many and is still appropriate for certain people. However, many have experienced that the shamanic method is much slower and can be quite uncomfortable. With this method, you undergo a linear process-a shamanic journey, and then, over time, the psychological and emotional integration of the parts. Once the soul retrieval is done, however, the client may be left to go through the rigors of soul integration alone. The reason is that with shamanic soul retrieval, the work is primarily physical and psychological. Therefore, the restructuring is really going on in your psychological consciousness, that is, personality consciousness, not at the Soul level. This is a primary reason why clients come to the author for higher-dimensional soul retrieval after they have received shamanic soul retrieval. Book Testimonials I have read your website and concur with much of what you write there. I took soul retrieval training through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. As the result of my own soul retrieval work, personally as well as with clients, I have found out the same things as you, that the shamanic way can be slow and painful. Often past-life work, beliefs work, or other extra healing work need to be done. Maryphyllis Horn: Shamanic Practitioner; MEd, CMHt, CTFTRev. Reconnection Practitioner (Pittsboro, NC), author of Soul Integration: A Shamanic Path To Freedom And Wholeness I am becoming a hypnotherapist, and after working with you and Melora a couple months ago, I thought I would write say that I feel the two sessions I've had with you (over three years) have been the most significant single point of healing I've ever experienced. I'd also like to thank you for helping me intellectually realize that time does not exist by bringing a future self to heal me in my current consciousness. Lyn Johnson (Denver, CO)

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