The Carbon War: Global Warming and the End of the Oil Era

Psychology Press, 2001 - 341 pages
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"Excessive burning of oil, gas, and coal is raising our planet's thermostat to unacceptable levels--a problem which as already resulted in increased natural catastrophes: storms, floods, droughts, and fire. Yet big oil companies have repeatedly hijacked efforts to slow global carbon emissions. The Carbon War is a major call-to-arms for the safety of our planet. Throughout the last decade, Jeremy Leggett, a distinguished scientist at Oxford University and former director for Green Peace, has worked doggedly to alert human kind to the threat of ecological catastrophe. He contends that the main enemies--Arab countries, the United States government, oil companies, and automobile manufacturers--have used junk science, an army of lobbyists, and outright lies to ensure that their profits stayed safer than the planet's future. With the grace of a novelist and the precision of a scientist, Leggett recounts his maddening interactions with scientific councils, international governmental meetings, and business leaders. Still, despite the government's backpedaling on eco-promises, the media's laziness, and the fossil fuel company rhetoric, the transition to solar energy is coming, he argues"--From publisher description.

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Table des matières

The Price of Oil
The Road to Rio
Blown Cover
Burned by Warming
Excess of Loss
A Mandate Delivered
A Discernible Human Influence
Cracks Appear in the Carbon Club
IO A Crime Against Humanity
The Day of the Atmosphere
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