The Ecotourism-Extraction Nexus: Political Economies and Rural Realities of (un)Comfortable Bedfellows

Bram Büscher, Veronica Davidov
Routledge, 15 août 2013 - 304 pages
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Ecotourism and natural resource extraction may be seen as contradictory pursuits, yet in reality they often take place side by side, sometimes even supported by the same institutions. Existing academic and policy literatures generally overlook the phenomenon of ecotourism in areas concurrently affected by extraction industries, but such a scenario is in fact increasingly common in resource-rich developing nations.

This edited volume conceptualises and empirically analyses the ‘ecotourism-extraction nexus’ within the context of broader rural and livelihood changes in the places where these activities occur. The volume’s central premise is that these seemingly contradictory activities are empirically and conceptually more alike than often imagined, and that they share common ground in ethnographic lived experiences in rural settings and broader political economic structures of power and control.

The book offers theoretical reflections on why ecotourism and natural resource extraction are systematically decoupled, and epistemologically and analytically re-links them through ethnographic case studies drawing on research from around the world. It should be of interest to students and professionals engaged in the disciplines of geography, anthropology and development studies.


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Table des matières

the ecotourism extraction nexus
2 Conceptualizing lived experiences within the political economy of the ecotourism extraction nexus
the commodification and generification of Madagascars natural wonders
the awkward marriage of ecotourism and industrial floriculture in Naivasha Kenya
the Janus face of the ecotourism extraction nexus in Costa Rica
6 Mother Natures Best Kept Secret? Exploring the discursive terrain and lived experience of the ecotourismextraction nexus in Southern Belize
epical and novelesque boundaries along the Upper Bulolo River Papua New Guinea
the Veps experience with extraction commodification and circulation of natural resources
indigenous development and oil extraction in Amazonian Ecuador
mining nature through ecotourism in the Dominican Southwest
contradictions and continuities
post neoliberal vignettes from IntagManduriacos cloud forests
13 Ecotourism not mining in Palawan Territorial narratives on the last frontier Palawan the Philippines
14 Concluding engagements at the ecotourismextraction nexus
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Bram Büscher is Associate Professor of Environment and Sustainable Development at the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is also Visiting Associate Professor of Environmental Management and Energy Studies at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Veronica Davidov is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Leiden University College, the Netherlands.

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