The Gangster of Love: Johnny "Guitar" Watson: Performer, Preacher, Pimp

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2009 - 322 pages
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This first biography of Johnny "Guitar" Watson (1935-1996) paints an intriguing portrait of this American blues funk composer. His fans appreciate his historical role in black American music. Rappers honored him with samples. In this book tens of musicians reveal the life story of the struggling guitarist who became eternal with "Gangster Of Love" and "A Real Mother For Ya." Besides hundreds of others, the love bandit had three First Ladies he lived with for years. They tell their untold love stories and explain how they stimulated his music as Muse, and how they financed his music business as Maecenas, helping to produce gold albums by working as prostitute, thief or booster. His musicians reveal: how did he compose his incredible oeuvre? This book includes: * The first complete Discography with 280 songs, * Register with hundreds of related artists, and 470 References, * 117 Illustrations, of which 4 in full color. NEW! Available now: the Extended Edition of this biography ( with 50% more pages and 150% more illustrations. See Amazon, search Vincent Bakker, for best prices new & used.

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Journalist Drs. Vincent J.M. Bakker (Amsterdam, 1948) studied economic sociology and wrote five books about economic affairs. His last covered the Economics of Love and the Red Light District. His book "De Krach van het Kapitaal" (about the Crash of Capital) announced the coming collapse of the freewheeling financial system. The author is a Watson fan since 1977 and was his long distance friend since 1989, after a night long private concert.

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