The Geneva Meeting of Foreign Ministers, October 27-November 16, 1955

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1955 - 307 pages

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Page 57 - European security," paragraph 1 goes on to provide that "the Heads of Government, recognizing their common responsibility for the settlement of the German question and the reunification of Germany, have agreed that the settlement of the German question and the reunification of Germany by means of free elections shall be carried out in conformity with the national interests of the German people and the interests of European security.
Page 112 - At the Geneva Conference of 1955 it was agreed that there was a "close link between the reunification of Germany and the problems of European security".
Page 45 - Organization; being desirous of further promoting and developing friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance in accordance with the principles of respect for the independence and sovereignty of states and of non-interference in their internal affairs...
Page 196 - Thus, there are possibilities beyond the reach of international control for evading this control and for organizing the clandestine manufacture of atomic and hydrogen weapons, even if there is a formal agreement on international control.
Page 33 - This government will then be responsible for the negotiations and conclusion of the peace treaty. At the same time, such other institutions as may be provided for in the constitution shall be established. As soon as the all-German government has been formed, the national assembly will determine how the powers of the Federal Government and the German authorities in the Soviet Zone shall be transferred to the all-German government, and how the two former shall be brought to an end. The all-German government...
Page 217 - During the second stage of execution of measures for the reduction of armaments and the prohibition of atomic weapons...
Page 23 - Government submitted its detailed proposals concerning the reduction of armaments, the prohibition of atomic weapons, and the elimination of the danger of a new war.
Page 12 - A security pact for Europe or for a part of Europe, including provision for the assumption by member nations of an obligation not to resort to force and to deny assistance to an aggressor; "Limitation, control and inspection in regard to armed forces and armaments; "Establishment between East and West of a zone in which the disposition of armed forces will be subject to mutual agreement; "And also to consider other possible proposals pertaining to the solution of this problem.
Page 29 - ... party so stationing forces would withdraw them within a stated period and would undertake the obligation not to send forces to that country again without the consent of the government of that country. 27. Should the all-German government decide to adhere to any security pact: (a) there might be special measures relating to the disposition of military forces and installations...
Page 31 - Guarantees for free elections The draft electoral law must contain provisions which will guarantee the genuine freedom of the elections. These include, amongst others: Freedom of movement throughout Germany. Freedom of presentation of candidates. Immunity of candidates. Freedom from arbitrary arrest or victimisation. Freedom of association and political meetings. Freedom of expression for all. Freedom of the press, radio, and television and free circulation of newspapers, periodicals, etc. Secrecy...

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