The Geology of Central Europe: Precambrian and Palaeozoic

Tom McCann
Geological Society of London, 2008 - 748 pages
This two-volume set provides the first comprehensive account in English of the geology of Central Europe. Written by more than 200 scientists from universities and research centres spread across Europe and North America, the 21 chapters are based on the main stratigraphic periods. Individual chapters outline the evolution of the region divided into a variety of sections which include overviews of the stratigraphic framework, climate, sea-level variations, palaeogeography and magmatic activity. These are followed by more detailed descriptions of the Central European succession, covering the main basins and magmatic provinces. Each chapter is thoroughly referenced, providing a unique and valuable information source.

Volume 1 focuses on the evolution of Central Europe from the Precambrian to the Permian, a dynamic period which traces the formation of Central Europe from a series of microcontinents that separated from Gondwana through to the creation of Pangaea. Separate summary chapters on the Cadomian, Caledonian and Variscan orogenic events as well as on Palaeozoic magmatism provide an overview of the tectonic and magmatic evolution of the region. These descriptions sometimes extend beyond the borders of Central Europe to take in the Scottish and Irish Caledonides as well as the Palaeozoic successions in the Baltic region.

Volume 2 provides an overview of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic evolution of Central Europe. This period commenced with the destruction of Pangaea and ended with the formation of the Alps and Carpathians and the subsequent Ice Ages. Separate summary chapters on the Permian to Cretaceous tectonics and the Alpine evolution are also included. The final chapter provides an overview of the fossils fuels, ore and industrial minerals in the region.

The Geology of Central Europe is a key reference work suitable not only for libraries across the world, but of interest to all researchers, teachers and students of European Geology.


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Table des matières

Introduction and overview T McCann
Cadomian tectonics U Linnemann R DLemos K Drost T Jeffries A Gerdes R L Romer S D Samson
Cambrian G Geyer 0 Elicki O Fatka A Żylińska
Ordovician T Servais J Dzik O Fatka T Heuse M Vecoli J Verniers
Silurian J Verniers J Maletz J Křiž Ž Žigaitė F Paris H P Schönlaub R Wrona
Caledonian tectonics C M Krawczyk T McCann L R M Cocks R England J McBride S Wybraniec
Devonian Z Bełka M Narkiewicz
Carboniferous T McCann S Skompski E Poty M Dusar A Vozárová J Schneider A Wetzel K Krainer
Permian T McCann H Kiernowski K Krainer A Vozárová T Peryt S Oplustil H Stollhofen J Schneider
Variscan tectonics U Kroner J L Mansy S Mazur P Aleksandrowski H P Hann H Huckriede
Palaeozoic magmatism M J Timmerman
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