The goth Bible: A Compendium for the Darkly Inclined

St. Martin's Press, 4 oct. 2004 - 304 pages
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What you don't know about goths could fill a book!

An artistic culture that revels in the Victorian romantic movement, The goth Bible brings to light the traditions and history of all that is goth. The goth culture has been one of the most controversial and maligned in media history. Presented as homicidal, suicidal and socio-pathic, in the national consciousness goths are coupled with everyone from Marilyn Mason to the murderers of Columbine. But this is not who the goths are. The goth Bible will help bridge the understanding between goths and non-goths.

From their historical origins as a Germanic tribe in the sixth century who fought along side the Romans against the Huns to their current incarnation as creatures of the night, The goth Bible presents the most complete and broad perspective of this society, culled from hundreds of interviews with bands, artist, designers, and goths from all walks of life.


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I originally bought this book as a sot of text book to use in a high school paper on sub-cultures. Being a self-proclaimed goth (one of maybe 3 in the area at the time) I figured it should be ... Consulter l'avis complet

Table des matières

1 Death in Doc Martens
2 Darklings with attitude
3 Ever unchanging fashion
4 The accoutrements of goth
5 Music of the macabre in the beginning
6 Son of music of the macabre
7 Intoxicants and other stimulants
8 Love in the postlove age domesticating the goth within
9 When goths relax
10 Visiting the vaults
11 Subscribing to the dark arts
12 The preternatural is calling
13 Esoterica
The X chapter future tense
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Bestselling author Nancy Kilpatrick has published 14 novels, over 125 short stories, and has edited 8 anthologies. Her series include The Darker Passions, the Power of the Blood and As One Dead. Winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for best mystery story, her work of horror has also been a Bram Stoker Aurora Award finalist many times. For over 25 years, Nancy has been involved with the goth scene. She and her black cat Bella make their home in Montreal.

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