The Philosophy Of Praxis: Marx, Lukács And The Frankfurt School

Verso Books, 12 août 2014 - 304 pages
Philosophy of Praxis examines the work of four Marxist thinkers, the early Marx and Lukács, and the Frankfurt School philosophers Adorno and Marcuse. The book holds that fundamental philosophical problems are in reality social problems, abstractly conceived. This argument has two implications: on the one hand, philosophical problems are significant insofar as they reflect real social contradictions; on the other hand, philosophy cannot resolve the problems it identifies because only social revolution can eliminate their social causes. Feenberg’s Lukacs, Marx and the Sources of Critical Theory was an intellectual history of these discussions. Philosophy of Praxis  is an update of that classic theoretical work, which details how the discussion has been taken up by contemporary schools of thought, including Marxist political theory and continental philosophy.

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Table des matières

Introduction to the New Edition
The Philosophy of Praxis
The Demands of Reason
Metacritique of the Concept of Nature
Reification and Rationality 5 The Realizationof Philosophy 6 The Controversy Over SubjectObject Identity
Summary and Significance
TheUnityof Theory andPractice Index

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Andrew Feenberg is a professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

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