The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future

Max More, Natasha Vita-More
John Wiley & Sons, 5 mars 2013 - 480 pages
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The first authoritative and comprehensive survey of the originsand current state of transhumanist thinking

The rapid pace of emerging technologies is playing anincreasingly important role in overcoming fundamental humanlimitations. Featuring core writings by seminal thinkers in thespeculative possibilities of the posthuman condition, essaysaddress key philosophical arguments for and against humanenhancement, explore the inevitability of life extension, andconsider possible solutions to the growing issues of social andethical implications and concerns. Edited by the internationallyacclaimed founders of the philosophy and social movement oftranshumanism, The Transhumanist Reader is an indispensableguide to our current state of knowledge of the quest to expand thefrontiers of human nature.


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Table des matières

Contributor Biographies
The Philosophy of Transhumanism
Uploading to SubstrateIndependent Minds
Why I Want to be a Posthuman When I Grow
Transhumanist Declaration 2012
Welcome to the Future of Medicine
Life Expansion Media
Transhumanism and Personal Identity
Transcendent Engineering
Idea Futures
The Proactionary Principle
The Open Society and Its Media
Performance Enhancement and Legal TheoQz
Justifying Human Enhancement
The Battle for the Future

The Hybronaut Affair
Alternative Biologies
ReInventing Ourselves
Artificial General Intelligence and the Future
Intelligent Information Filters and Enhanced Reality
Why Freud Was the First Good Al Theorist
Pigs in Cyberspace
Electronic Logic
Dialogue between Ray Kurzweil and Eric Drexler
The Curates Egg of AntiAntiAging Bioethics
Mind is Deeper Than Matter
For Enhancing People
Is Enhancement Worthy of Being a Right?
Freedom by Design
Technological Singularity
An Overview of Models of Technological Singularity
A Critical Discussion of Vinges Singularity Concept
The Great Transition
Trans and Post
Back to Nature ll
A Letter to Mother Nature
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Max More, PhD is President and CEO of the Alcor LifeExtension Foundation, the world’s leading cryonicsorganization. An internationally acclaimed strategic philosopher,Dr. More is recognized for his thinking on the philosophical andcultural implications of emerging technologies.

Natasha Vita-More, PhD is a leading expert on humanenhancement and emerging and speculative technologies and is aProfessor at the University of Advancing Technology. Dr.Vita-More’s writings have appeared in Technoetic Arts:Journal of Speculative Research, Metaverse Creativityand The Global Spiral. She has appeared in numeroustelevised documentaries on media design, culture, and thefuture.

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