The Perlustration of Great Yarmouth, with Gorleston and Southtown, Volume 1

G. Nall, 1872
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Page 378 - to implore the mercy of God, that neither the guilt of that " sacred and innocent blood, nor those other sins by which God was " provoked to deliver up both us and our king into the hands of cruel and " unreasonable men, may at any time hereafter be visited upon us or our " posterity.
Page 247 - His talk was like a stream which runs, " With rapid change from rocks to roses, " It slipp'd from polities to puns ;
Page 51 - the woman of his whole land, or of the " half, or other lesser part thereof, and there openly doth declare the " quantity and the certainty of the land she shall have for her dower.
Page 185 - a grape-shot. I leave you to judge of my situation " when I beheld our boat approach with him, who I may say has been a second " father to me, his right arm dangling by his side, while with the other he helped
Page 255 - for the person who pledges with the loving cup to stand up and bow to his neighbour, who, also standing, removes the cover of the cup with his right hand, and holds it while the other drinks
Page 176 - Untimely crop some virgin flower, " Till all the maids were worn away, " And none were left him to devour, " Saving the king's fair daughter bright, " Her father's only heart's delight.
Page 380 - May all statesmen that would raise the king's prerogative upon the ruins of "public liberty, meet the fate of Lord Strafford." "May all priests that would " advance church power upon the belly of conscience go to the block like Archbishop "Laud.
Page 5 - and was not overflowen by the sea, but waxed in height and also in "greatnes, much store of people from the counties of Norfolk and " Suffolk did resorte thither, and did pitche tabernacles and boothes "for the enterteynenge of such seafaring men and fishermen and
Page 119 - do resort all the fishermen of the Cinque Ports, and " all the rest of the west countrymen of England, as far as Bridport and " Lyme in Dorsetshire; and these herrings that they take they do " not barrel because their boats are but small things, but sell all unto " the Yarmouth herring buyers for ready money ; and also the
Page 364 - To John I ow'd great obligation, " But John unhappily thought fit " To publish it to all the nation,

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