Three Plays

David Nutt, 1892 - 250 pages
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Page 15 - s something in hypocrisy after all. If we were as good as we seem, what would the world be ? The city has its vizard on, and we — at night we are our naked selves. Trysts are keeping, bottles cracking, knives are stripping ; and here is Deacon Brodie flaming forth the man of men he is! — How still it is ! ... My father and Mary — Well ! the day for them, the night for me; the grimy cynical night that makes all cats grey, and all honesties of one complexion. Shall a man not have half a life...
Page 189 - Twas time for us to go." What a note you had to sing, what a swaller for a pannikin of rum, and what a fist for the shiners! Ah, Cap'n, they didn't call you Admiral Guinea for nothing. I can see that old sea-chest of yours — her with the brass bands, where you kept your gold dust and doubloons : you know ! — I can see her as well this minute as though you and me was still at it playing put on the lid of her. . . . You don't say nothing, Cap'n? . . . Well, here it is: I want money and I want rum....
Page 107 - And Women — yes ! — were ladies first of all ; When Grace was conscious of its gracefulness, And man — though Man! — was not ashamed to dress. A brave formality, a measured ease, Were his — and her's — whose effort was to please. And to excel in pleasing was to reign And, if you sighed, never to sigh in vain. But then, as now — it may be, something more — Woman and man were human to the core.
Page 47 - MARY. I will not. BRODIE. What if I told you that you could only compass your happiness and his at the price of my ruin? MARY. Your ruin ? BRODIE. Even so. MARY. Ruin ! BRODIE. It has an ugly sound, has it not ? MARY. O Willie, what have you done ? What have you done ? What have you done ? BRODIE.
Page 203 - re a man they 're down upon, just like myself, I see. We 're a pair of plain, good-hearted, jolly tars; and all these longshore fellows cock a lip at us, by George. What cheer, mate ? ARETHUSA (without). Mrs. Drake! Mrs. Drake! PEW. What, a female ? hey ? a female ? Board her, board her, mate ! I 'm dark.
Page 80 - sa man there will stick at nothing. LESLIE. Mr. Lawson, Brodie has done his shift. Why should we keep him ? (JEAN appears at the door, and signs to BRODIE.) LAWSON. Hoots' this is my trade. That's a bit o' ' Wanderin' Willie.' I've had it before me in precognitions ; that same stave has been used for a signal by some o' the very warst o
Page 149 - The right, my dear sir, is beyond question ; but it is one, as you were going on to observe, on which no gentleman insists. FENWICK. Anthony, my good fellow, I think we had better go. ANTHONY. I have asked a question. AUSTIN. Which I was charmed to answer, but which, on repetition, might begin to grow distasteful. ANTHONY. In my own house FENWICK. For God's sake, Anthony ! AUSTIN. In your aunt's house, young gentleman, I shall be careful to refrain from criticism. I am come upon a visit to a lady...
Page 178 - ll do, so God help me. GAUNT. Arethusa, you at least are the child of many prayers ; your eyes have been unsealed ; and to you the world stands naked, a morning watch for duration, a thing spun of cobwebs for solidity. In the presence of an angry God I ask you : Have you heard this man ? ARETHUSA. Father, I know Kit, and I love him. GAUNT. I say it solemnly, this is no Christian union. To you, Christopher French, I will speak nothing of eternal truths : I will speak to you the language of this world....
Page 190 - I'm old and blind? No, no! belay that, I say. Give me the old motto : Fair dealings, as between man and man. GAUNT. David Pew, it were better for you that you were sunk in fifty fathom. I know your life; and first and last, it is one broadside of wickedness. You were a porter in a school, and beat a boy to death ; you ran for it, turned slaver, and shipped with me, a green hand. Ay, that was the craft for you: that was the right craft, and I was the right captain ; there was none worse that sailed...
Page 178 - I've put my mother's ring on Arethusa's finger; and if you'll give us your blessing, I'll engage to turn over a new leaf, and make her a good husband. GAUNT. In whose strength, Christopher French ? KIT. In the strength of my good, honest love for her: as you did for her mother, and my father for mine. And you know, Captain, a man can't command the wind; but (excuse me, sir) he can always lie the best course possible, and that's what I'll do, so God help me.

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