Unplugging Power Struggles: Resolving Emotional Battles with Your Kids Ages 2 to 10

Parenting Press, Inc., 2000 - 127 pages
Teasing, theft and the need for privacy are just a few of the interpersonal issues children need to be able to handle. These new books introduce problem-solving techniques, including:
-- Brainstorming possible solutions;
-- Anticipating how each action will affect others; and
-- Selecting the best solution for the situation.

Each story presents several alternatives for readers to consider. Every choice leads to a different ending. Kids can decide whether they like how the story turns out -- or whether they want to go back and try another way of solving the problem. The stories also give adults an opportunity to ask children what other solutions they can suggest.

Children need to feel in control of their own lives. Too often, though, kids don't have the developmental skills or the maturity to handle the power they want. Or parents aren't comfortable with the control their kids want. The result: power struggles.

If you think this will sound familiar to your customers, they'll find the help they need in Jan Faull's sensible, easy-to-read new book. This experienced parent educator explains that yes, parents often can avoid -- or at least endure -- the tug-of-war over power. But, she points out, there are some power struggles that are almost inevitable. Some parents can avoid -- and some they have to be prepared to lose.

For parents struggling to accept their children's need for control, Faull's advice provides the road map adults need. She explains how parents can continue to provide the guidance children need and still allow them to develop competency and self-esteem.


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Table des matières

The Dreaded Power Struggle
Why Children Need Power and Control
Choices and Decisions Suitable for Children
Sometimes You Just Have to Hold On
Choices Negotiation and Compromise
Letting Go of a Power Struggle
Choosing Any One of the Three Options
Power Struggles You Will Always Lose
What You Bring to Power Struggles
Tapping into Your True Power
Rebuilding Damaged Relationships
Helpful Resources
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Jan Faull, MEd, is a popular Seattle area parenting educator. A mother of three, she lives in Renton, Washington.

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