Vigilant Christian II: Preventing an American Hiroshima

Trafford Publishing, 2012 - 260 pages
The Vigilant Christian series of books make darkness visible. Each book is a tapestry of carefully explained events that actually happened, with each hair-raising assertion backed up with a thorough documentation of sources. Vigilant Christian II: Preventing an American Hiroshima can help you deepen your understanding of history and prophecies described in scripture.

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À propos de l'auteur (2012)

David Dionisi has held significant management positions with Fortune 500 companies such as MetLife and Prudential. His business career is distinguished with leadership of multi-million dollar projects that bring complex ideas to life. Prior to working in corporate America, he served the country as an Army intelligence officer. His business and military experiences over the last 24 years are complemented by an extensive background as an international volunteer worker in Central America, Europe and Africa.

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