Wargaming: An Introduction

Sutton Publishing, 2005 - 179 pages
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Wargaming is concerned with simulating historical conflicts through the medium of miniature figures fighting battles over three dimensional terrain, their movement and combat being regulated by rules which create historically accurate battles. Since the 1950s, the hobby has grown exponentially and now enjoys a widespread following across the world. Although the rise in computerised wargaming has transformed some aspects of the hobby, the traditional table-based wargame continues to go from strength to strength. collect and paint wargames armies, together with all the information and rules needed to fight wargames over a huge historical timespan. He offers simple, playable and realistic rules for a variety of historical periods, from ancient warfare to the Second World War. A selection of colour photographs serves to illustrate the historical periods covered and convey something of the colourful spectacle of wargaming.

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