Web Security Sourcebook

Wiley, 8 juil. 1997 - 350 pages
"The authors . . . bring wide-ranging experience to this work, moving from theory to hands-on, bit-shoveling practical advice." -Steven M. Bellovin

A serious security sourcebook for Web professionals and users.

The front door is unlocked and wide open. The alarm's not working and no one's home. All of your valuables, money, and intimate details of your life are just sitting inside, waiting to be taken. No, it's not your house . . . it's your computer.

The Web now penetrates every aspect of our lives, from the home PC to the business office. But with each advance in convenience comes a geometric increase in vulnerability to the integrity of data and software as well as to the confidentiality of information. Although the flaws inherent in the Web are real, solutions are available. Let Aviel Rubin, Daniel Geer, and Marcus Ranum give you the answers.

Here's a book that's valuable today and indispensable for the future. It includes basic and advanced techniques for client-side and server-side security, browser security, writing secure CGI scripts, firewalls, and secure e-commerce. There's a special appendix that demystifies the complex world of cryptography. And the book comes with access to a dedicated Web site containing up-to-the-minute information on the latest security threats and solutions.

So whether you're a Webmaster trying to close the door on sites and applications, or an everyday user hoping to keep your desktop safe, this is your essential source on:
* Protecting and securing Web pages, search engines, servers, and browsers
* Writing impregnable applets and scripts, and avoiding the dangers inherent in every language
* Using (and abusing) firewalls and cryptographic controls
* Securing commerce and payment transactions

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Basic Browser Security
Security Options in Internet Explorer
Other ClientSide Security Issues
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AVIEL D. RUBIN is a senior technical staff member at AT&T Labs-Research and an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at New York University, where he teaches cryptography and computer security. He has served on several program committees for major security conferences and will be the program chair for the 1998 USENIX security conference.

DANIEL GEER is Vice President of CertCo, which specializes in secure electronic commerce.

MARCUS J. RANUM has been working with network security and firewalls for the last seven years. During that time he has developed three popular firewall products: the DEC SEAL, TIS Firewall Toolkit, and TIS Gauntlet.

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